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Criteria and Rationale
               At present Payap University supports having an internet service in order to be prepared for living in an information society, in order to have exchanges and in order to stimulate personnel and students to have the desire to search for knowledge and news which leads to an interest in research as a good way to develop an educational institution. In any case, having the opportunity for an institution to receive information and personal material and even to have appropriate communication between units is an undertaking that takes time and budget to manage. But it should be the best choice for the university which needs to set up an information technology system to have it be complete and at a safe standard, [and for it] to be included in the forthcoming development plans.       

               The development of the information technology system is a project that has as its purpose to have information technology going in the same direction, capable of being connected to various materials in the past and be in a format that manages networks, to the point that the internal information technology system facilitates modern instruction, thorough [academic] counseling, and service to the community that make Payap University an interesting resource and have a potential for research in the future.